CHA Co-Op Frequently Asked Questions

Co-op is a group of CHA families that come together once a week to teach classes to our children. Co-op is NOT a drop- off activity, and parents must stay on the premises during the hours that their children are in classes. There are 6-8 classes per hour offered for Kindergarten through High school aged students.   Based on classes offered from our teacher volunteers.  Our co-op is purely enrichment. We do this for our students to get together and have lots of hands-on experiences with learning and with other children. There are 8-14 students in each class.

Our co-op is in Cypress, Texas. When you join CHA, you can find the exact location.

Monday afternoons from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Co-op classes have two semesters: fall and spring. The fall semester starts the first Monday after Labor Day in September and runs through the first Monday in December. The spring semester starts in February and runs through the first Monday in May. We coincide our calendar with the Cy-Fair ISD calendar.

Class sign up for the fall semester is in mid-July. Class sign up for the spring semester is two to three weeks before the fall semester ends. We do not accept students after co-op starts. You must be a CHA member by June 30 for the fall semester and you must be a member by October 31 for the spring semester.


FAMILY FEE: $15. Our family fee will be $15. This fee covers the love offering we give for the use of our facility along with allowing the Co-op Board to have a budget to cover supply costs involved with running the co-op.  ** No Refunds**

CLASS FEES: Varies by class. Fees range from $0-$25 depending on the class. There are supply fees that each teacher will put in their syllabus so you will know prior to signing up. These fees must be paid at sign-up. You may not sign up for classes if you do not have the money to pay for them at Co-op SIGN UP.  ** No Refunds**  Some classes may require teacher helpers.  The teachers will let you know of their needs during the class sign up.

VOLUNTEER FEE: The other fee to attend co-op is your TIME. You must volunteer a certain amount of hours for the semester in order to attend classes. Since we are a 100% volunteer organization this is crucial to our ability to have classes. The amount of hours necessary will depend on the amount of families that are participating. Our volunteer coordinator will tally this once we are all registered and let you know the volunteer requirement for the semester. For this past year, each family had to have 5-6 credits of volunteer time.  We have a nursery and preschool room where you can leave younger children during your volunteer time, or they can stay with you if they need to. Volunteer jobs are completed at co op and are as follows: Room Sweeper, Hallway Monitor, Preschool Helpers, and Restroom Monitors.

ON TIME FEE: $50 check only deposited if late or absent more than 4 times per semester. Everyone needs to write a separate check to CHA for $50 to join co-op. If you are late 4 times or absent more than 4 times, the check will be deposited. If you are always prompt and on time, the check will not be deposited and no money will change hands. This is to help ensure promptness and proper attendance so all our classes can start promptly on the hour. The funds from the check will be given as a donation to the Facility.

PLEASE make sure that you are able to commit your time to our co-op and that the location is convenient for your family before registering. The CHA Co-Op board spends A LOT of time planning and arranging students so this creates a tremendous amount of extra work.

The syllabus for each class will be posted in the CHA yahoo group for the current semester. Many of the classes are enrichment classes such as art, music, science, writing, history and geography. Classes vary by semester depending on what teachers are teaching.

AGES: Our classes are for those K-12.  (High School classes available upon volunteer teacher availability.) To enter your child in our K classes, your child must be 5 years old by September 1, 2017 to take classes in the fall semester, January 1st for the Spring 2018 semester. If you have younger children and you are teaching or volunteering, they can attend our nursery or preschool during those times. The hours you are not teaching or volunteering your children may not be in our nursery or preschool.

Expectations:  Children must be with their parents at all times when not in class or if class is canceled.  Children Kindergarten through second grade are not allowed to go to the restroom without an adult.